08 Feb, 2024
Feb 2024 - Recent updates

Greetings everyone! We've been busy making significant under-the-hood improvements and getting ready for our next major release.

Here are just some highlights from our recent updates:


- Background image upload


- The 'Reduce Motion' setting has been extended to include the animation of the dialog close button, ensuring a more comfortable experience for users sensitive to motion and making the UI feel a little snappier.

- Background image processing has been refined for improved performance.

06 Jul, 2023
2023-07: Summer Update ☀️

Welcome to our summer update—minimarks 2023-07.

This is an exciting update for us, with valuable improvements, including an upgraded profile view and auto-detection for RSS collections.

Improved Profile View

Until now, making changes to your public profile meant you had to visit the All Collections space, but that's about to change.

You can now create collections, add new bookmarks, and manage existing links and collections right from the profile view.

To view your public profile, click Profile in the user dropdown menu.

When viewing your public profile, adding a new collection will automatically make it public, saving you a step.

We hope you enjoy this new functionality and it helps you get creative with your page.

Seb's public profile
Seb's public profile

Auto-detect RSS Feeds

One of our best-kept secrets is the ability to show the latest articles and posts for a given website using RSS.

Today, we're making adding RSS collections to minimarks easier by automatically detecting the RSS feed of the sites you want to follow. That means you will no longer have to know a site's RSS feed URL in order to create an RSS collection.

Adding an RSS collection
Adding an RSS collection

Bing Search

By popular demand, you can now set Bing as your default search engine.

To do so, go to Settings and select Bing as your preferred search engine. When you're done, click Save.


We hope you enjoy this update. Our next major release will be announced sometime in the fall. Follow us on Twitter to stay in the loop!

07 Apr, 2023
Rename spaces

You can now rename your spaces in just a couple of clicks 😁

28 Feb, 2023
2023-02 Starlight: Magnify Your World 💫

Welcome to our latest update—minimarks 2023-02 Starlight.

This update focuses on improvements that will make everyday bookmarking more convenient.

Magnification Effect

This update introduces an all-new icon magnification hover effect, giving users an alternative to the previous opacity hover effect. While magnification is the default hover effect, you can change this in the appearance settings.

Reduce Motion

We added the ability to reduce motion effects and transitions when opening a modal. This option makes everyday functions feel snappier and saves time for power users continually adding new bookmarks.

To change this setting, open the Appearance panel and head to the Navigation tab.


  1. Reorganized the Appearance panel.
  2. Improvements to enhance the performance and stability of the app.

New Release Cycle

With this update, we believe minimarks to be a stable, feature-rich app with no known bugs. Because of this, we've decided to change our major release cycle from monthly to quarterly, which means we will release updates every three months.

This new schedule will allow us to thoroughly test our updates and carefully plan and execute future changes. Please note that we will still fix bugs and make minor improvements as needed between releases.


We hope you enjoy this update. To see what we're working on next, check out our roadmap or join the minimarks user group on Facebook.

04 Feb, 2023
New Icons for Microsoft Apps

This minor update adds icons for Microsoft 365 apps, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

10 Jan, 2023
2023-01 Daffodil: Shortcuts and Actions ✂️📋

Welcome to our first release of the year—minimarks 2023-01 Daffodil.

This update introduces practical actions that help you get things done faster and be more productive.

Copy links

Sometimes you need to copy a URL to share with someone outside minimarks. With Daffodil, we've introduced shortcuts to help you copy individual bookmark links and all the links inside a collection.

Copy a bookmark link

To copy a bookmark link, click Edit Mode (or press Shift+E on your keyboard) and select Copy Link in the dropdown menu.

Optional shortcut: Press and hold Shift and click the bookmark.

Copy all links

To copy all links inside a collection, click the collection handlebar (the title), select Share, and click Copy links.

Optional shortcut: Press and hold Shift and click the collection handlebar.

Open all bookmarks

One of our most requested features is finally here! Daffodil lets you open all bookmarks inside a collection as separate tabs in just one click 🤩

To open all bookmarks in a collection, click the collection handlebar and select Open All.

👉 Please note that for this feature to work correctly, you need to allow minimarks to open pop-ups (multiple tabs at once).

View your profile

Curious to know what your profile looks like to others? You can now view your public profile by clicking the Profile button in the user menu.


We hope you enjoy this update and that it helps you be more productive in the new year. To see what we're working on next, head over to our roadmap or join the minimarks user group on Facebook.

06 Jan, 2023
Sign-up Error

We fixed an issue that prevented users from signing up if they had a dash (-) in their last name.

21 Dec, 2022
Open all your bookmarks

Want to speed up your workflow and get more done in less time? You can now open all bookmarks within a collection in just one click 🤩

To open all bookmarks in a collection, select the collection handlebar and click 'Open All.'

👉 Please note that for this feature to work correctly, you will likely need to allow minimarks to open pop-ups (multiple tabs at once).

We hope you enjoy this new feature and that it helps you be more productive when you need to open multiple tabs or continue working where you left off.

03 Dec, 2022
2022-12 Starling: Search Your Bookmarks Using Tags

Welcome to version 2022-12, codenamed Starling.

This update contains many under-the-hood improvements and a very special feature you're going to love.

Bookmark tags

You can now tag your bookmarks for quicker access. Bookmarks can have one or multiple tags to help you organize them to your liking.

Recent updates

2022-12 Starling also makes official the many features and improvements we've been adding over the past few weeks.

To recap, you can now:

- Add up to 4 columns in each of your spaces

- Choose a default space that will open at login

- Display up to 20 RSS links per collection

- Follow other users by visiting their public page

Coming soon

More exciting updates are on the way!

Join the minimarks user group to see what we're working on next and contribute your ideas. You can also follow us on Twitter, where we post updates a few times a week.

19 Nov, 2022
Default space

You can now choose a default space that will open when you log in. This means that you will no longer see the 'All collections' space, until you switch to it.